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a musical literary celebration

2023 sees the centenary of the death of the celebrated New Zealand writer Katherine Mansfield.


Sue Casson revisits her prize winning musical which explores in song, the relationship between the fiery, unorthodox trail blazer from the provinces and the publisher who ensured her legend lived on.

Beachcomber - a woman, a piano...

Which comes first, the music or the lyric? Singer-songwriter Casson reflects on the nature of creativity, drawing on her catalogue of timeless songs worked into vibrant cabaret with an accompanying CD.

Following its Edinburgh Fringe premier in 2013, Tom Blackmore's vision of a modern wasteland where the dispossessed cling to the rites and songs of a bankrupt me-generation is brought vividly up to date, as the boy, Robert Blackmore, now a young adult encounters the fractured dreams, disillusionment and twisted mores of a disjointed 21st century Britain. A cabaret gazing into the heart of today's darkness, with powerful melodies and razor-sharp lyrics from Sue Casson.  

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