Dreams of Peace & Freedom


Following the December 2019 launch of The Human's in the Telling


In 2020


- February performance showcase at Rene Cassin, the Jewish voice for human rights


- Tour details finalised for commemorative performances in the 7 centres of the story


- Violin and Cello recorded, mixed with existing vocal tracks and mastered at Lana Banana Studios

Fully mastered recording released on 27th July - 100 day countdown to #ECHR70


- Release featured on MusicalTalk podcast - interview with composer Sue Casson

and on Memorium Nuremberg Trials, Churchill Archives Centre and History Links, Dornoch


- A planned programme of commemorative performances was cancelled in the wake of the pandemic


In 2021

Dreams of Peace & Freedom 

will be performed supporting




to underpin the timely restoration of

fundamental freedoms after the pandemic


These will be guerilla theatre performances, spontaneous when it is safe and legal.


(Performances will coincide with the 75th anniversary

of the speech that heralded the birth of modern

human rights, given by David Maxwell Fyfe in the dying days of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

on August 28th and 29th 1946.)  

Song cycle Dreams of Peace & Freedom weaves the words of David Maxwell Fyfe with original musical settings of the poems which inspired him, exploring his philosophy of natural law, his journey from Nuremberg to Strasbourg, and the love story at its' heart.


'A secular hymn for humanity and a timely intervention in the debate on human rights...sublime'

Thos Ribbits, MusicalTalk